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Come join Dr Sadie Jones and make some space art and learn about Supernova. This workshop is part of the successful #SotonAstroArt project.

Saturday 14th November (10am & 2pm)

This online Supernova themed art workshop will be run in Blackboard. Links to access the Blackboard collaborate workshop online and tutorials on how to use Blackboard will be sent to you through eventbrite on the Friday before the event.

Join Dr Sadie Jones, Astronomy Public Engagement Leader, Dr Phil Wiseman, Supernova Postdoc & award winning Outreacher and PhD student Matt Grayling at our first online #SotonAstroArt workshops.

This event is organised by Dr Sadie Jones and the Astronomy Group at the University of Southampton and is taking place as part of the pre-festival events of Human Worlds Festival, 12th – 22th November 2020.

We suggest participants have a minimum age of 5 years old. The content level will be aimed at Primary level but we will talk about some high level astronomy research too. We do request there are no unaccompanied adults (i.e. Adults with SEN are welcome but we are aiming the workshop at a child audience).

For more information on the #SotonAstroArt project and our previous events; go to our website

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Competition entries

Since our competition opened in April 2020 we have received many entries from all over the world, from people of all ages. See a selection of the entries below:

The competition is running till 13th Sept 2020 so you still have time to enter here.

At #SotonAstroArt exhibit workshops

A beautiful selection of #SotonAstroArt made by members of the public at our past exhibit workshops. All work here has been inspired by conversations with astronomers about the Life cycle of stars, Supernova explosions and/or the Dark Energy Sky survey research at the University of Southampton.

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