Art Competition

Everyone is invited to make a piece of Astronomy inspired art this summer!

Learn about exciting astronomy research on Supernova Stars and Dark Energy.

Create your art while you learn Astrophysics!


The competition is open to Everyone; there are 4 age categories and you can submit as many entries as you like.

Your art work can take on any form but should be inspired by our University of Southampton research into the ‘Life Cycle of Stars’, Supernova and Dark Energy.

Submit your work online using the hashtag #SotonAstroArt or email it to us. Don’t forget to include your age and location.


Note: The deadline was originally 25th July but we have now extended it to cover the Summer holidays 😀

Three categories for young entrants:

Category 1- children aged from 0 to 11 years old inclusive.

Category 2 – young people from 12 – 16 years old inclusive.

Category 3 – young people from 17-18 years old inclusive.

This is an international competition so all young people from across the World may enter.

*NEW* Adult Category:

Category 4 – Adults: 19 years + old

As this is an International Competition adults and young people from across the world can enter!


There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize within each age category.

The 1st prize for all 4 age categories will be: Glow in the dark planets, Professional Art set and a Hobermans sphere.

2nd and 3rd prizes will be just Glow in the dark planets.

All winners will have the opportunity to have their actual art work exhibited in the next #SotonAstroArt exhibit date TBC.

Judging will be done by Dr Sadie Jones and Dr Pearl John.

Art entries

Art work can take on any form but should be inspired by the entrants own research of the ‘Physics of Stars’, Supernova and Dark Energy.

Suggested research links below:

For more information on the research and how to go about making your art work there will be a series of videos uploaded onto the @SotonAstrodome YouTube Channel presented by Dr Sadie Jones filmed from her parents home in Wales during lockdown. In these videos she explains some of the Supernova group research and make her own piece of astro art live! Check out her videos and those of other supernova researchers here.

For previous examples of artwork created at our #SotonAstroArt workshops have a look at our ‘Public Gallery’ page here:


People can submit a photo of their art work to Dr Sadie Jones and Dr Pearl John at  by email or a post on social media (Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #SotonAstroArt to ensure we see it).

The art set which 1st prize winners will receive

Make sure you put your age e.g. ‘13 years old’ or at least which age category you are entering e.g. ‘2’ and where you are in the world, ideally including both the town and country, e.g. ‘Southampton, UK’ when you email it and/or post it online.

NO Names needed in your submission! Just tell us your age and location.

We will contact the prize winners following our judging via the email they used or social media account they posted from by end of September 2020 to tell them they have won a prize.

Remember there is no limit to the number of times you can enter. Good Luck!

#StressLessSupernova Colouring-In sheet

I have created a downloadable colouring-in sheet in an effort to get you started with your Supernova inspired art. You can download it for free below:

You Got This 😀

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